Rosenberger OSI data center IT cabling design training

Rosenberger OSI invites you and your colleagues for the new Data Centre IT Cabling Design Training!

Purpose of the training is to help you to design the right cabling layout and service to the needed data transmission flow, as well as beeing prepared for the latest standardized data transmission protocols.

An other goal is to give you information about the standards, new technologies and technical solutions that fit best to your or your clients’ individual needs.


Some useful information about the training:

  • The training in ONLINE
  • Available in ENGLISH and in GERMAN
  • Takes approx. 90 minutes
  • The training is tailor made to your companies’ individual needs


Other interesting information:

  • Rosenberger OSI is a leading manufacturer for Data Center IT Cabling infrastructures.
  • Rosenberger OSI owns many patents.
  • Rosenberger OSI products are EU manufactured, from Budapest, Hungary.


Please take a look into the attached short AGENDA of the training.