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Product + service: the complete solution

In addition to excellent products, we consider it also important to support their entire life cycle. A product with an excellent quality is just the start, but it is at least as important that the products are designed and selected in a professional way. The customer should receive appropriate construction and installation, and they also knows what support they will receive during the operation period, on what availability and delivery bases they can order new products. To what extent are their individual needs taken into account, what are the quantitative requirements, if any, for their order.

For customers

Designing and equipping server rooms are increasingly difficult and complex tasks, also due to the extremely rapidly evolving technology. The aim of ROSI-Systems is to inform our customers about the possibilities of the manufacturers, product-specific information and future sustainability of the products we offer. We accurately understand the business goals and needs of our customers and suggest suitable solutions. Therefore, it is very important for us to be able to support our clients’ projects from the planning and needs assessment stage.


For engineers

Engineering requires serious expertise, great care and precision, it is important that the engineer has a proper knowledge of the products they use in the projects, which requires a lot of time in today’s rapidly evolving world of IT. ROSI-Systems helps engineers and the processes to have both the manufacturer and product-specific knowledge and information available at the right moment, which should support the work of the engineers.

For installers and system integrators

The installer is mostly a team that installs and commissions the products for the customer and creates a working system. It is extremely important for manufacturers, including ROSI-Systems, to provide the installer with all the necessary knowledge, product knowledge and background support (such as logistics, training…) in order for the customer to be satisfied when the project is handed over.


Therefore, we also support installers before the order, even before placing the specific order, to order exactly the products and services that will be really needed. We help them with advice and consultation in managing possible plan changes or changes affecting the project (because one thing is sure: change).