Structured network design with HADstair

The HADstair engineering software is integrated into the now market-leading design softwares (AutoCAD, BricksCAD, ZWCAD) with its modules, so it is not necessary to purchase new softwares and learn how to use them. These extra features are housed in a new user interface that makes it easy, fast, and automatic to execute design workflows. Of course, the possibilities of the software go beyond the creation of drawings, it provides a connection to spreadsheet applications like MS Excel, so that you can also fully prepare the documentation required for plans. In addition, a number of control features have been built in to keep unwanted errors to a minimum.

Quality and speed in a cost-effective way

We all know the holy trinity of the quality – speed – cheapness, of which there are always only two to choose from. How about HADstair offering you and your company an opportunity to do it all at once?

We offer a tool that can make planning simpler, the process shorter and thus the company’s costs significantly lower.

General functions (for all systems)

  • Automatic floor plan cleaning
  • Layout generation and renaming
  • Easier device placement
  • Crawl elements in the drawing
  • Item search
  • Assign device to layers
  • Automatic cabling
  • Calculation of cable lengths, also for line (MultiLine) objects
  • Room for book creation
  • Creating a bill of materials / budget list

System specific functions

  • Conceptual drawing per switches, per racks or per enclosures
  • Automatic endpoint address assignment
  • Extended numbering, when re-addressing some devices, the titles of the related items also change
  • Duplicate address detection
  • Port number and port speed control
  • Switch load calculation
  • Rack allocation
  • Creating an installation list

Let’s watch how it works:

ROSI-Systems supports you in every area that you might be interested in regarding the engineering software.