Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure – Rosenberger OSI – has been developing and manufacturing optical and copper cabling systems since 1991, mainly for the server room, IT data center and telecommunications fields.

Our products can be found in all areas where large amounts of data need to be delivered securely and quickly. Numerous awards and international recognitions are proof that Rosenberger OSI is a world leader in product development and manufacturing. A huge advantage in the Hungarian market is that Rosenberger OSI manufactures its excellent products in Hungary, in Taksony! Come and visit our factory!

Data center cabling

Flexible and fast solutions for your data center.

The data center is the foundation and heart of digitization, as it is a prerequisite for digital processes to emerge. Therefore, smart, future-oriented and future-proof cabling is vital here, as it must reliably transmit the ever-increasing amount of data.

Rosenberger OSI has been installing its systems for more than 25 years, whether it is a 30 m2 or 20 000 m2 data center. The company knows the challenges of IT and can provide the perfect answer and solution to them.

Modern LANs

Future-proof and adaptive structured cabling

Industry 4.0, IoT, and Big Data are hot topics right now, and they are not only changing society, they are also posing significant challenges to companies’ existing IT infrastructures. Moreover, digitalization is increasingly interweaving the world of office work. The amount of data that employees work with also poses a challenge to the LAN. This can only be met with increasing capacity and adaptive building cabling.

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Rosenberger OSI

Optical cabling

Perfect in every detail.

Rosenberger OSI cabling systems are designed to provide a comprehensive solution to structured optical cabling challenges. All components are coordinated with each other for excellent reliability. Rosenberger OSI has been one of the first to recognize the possibilities of parallel optical cabling since 1997. This groundbreaking technology is now a deciding factor in deploying future-proof IT infrastructures.

At Rosenberger we shape the future.

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