Rittal IT ecosystem

The German manufacturer Rittal has been a pioneer in enclosure manufacturing for the past 60 years. With its new solutions, the role of the market leader and trend setter is unquestionable. That's why ROSI-Systems has chosen Rittal as its system partner: it is one step ahead of the market with its outstandingly innovative, future-proof, flexible solutions. Its engineers will come up with your thoughts and already know exactly what product and solution they will respond to the challenges of the future.
Rittal's IT ecosystem covers the full range of IT infrastructure, including enclosures, power, UPS, cooling, monitoring and IT security solutions. From these five basic components, we can offer either individual or standardized, certified, pre-selected construction according to the customer's needs. ROSI-Systems experts have the right experience, they have advised and implemented Rittal solutions on numerous occasions. Entrust us with your task, ask us and we guarantee: we offer you a perfect solution!

IT racks

Network and server enclosures

Rittal has almost 60 years of experience in cabinet manufacturing, and this vast knowledge also puts the cabinet systems that form the basis of IT infrastructures at the forefront of the world. Flexibility, speed, quality, installability, data and support – these are the key features of Rittal cabinets.

Rittal enclosures

IT power supply and UPS

The energy that makes it work.

An uninterruptible power supply is important for any company. This means not only the UPS itself, but also basic components of power supply and distribution such as busbars, PDUs and backup modules. Due to its modular design, it adapts perfectly to changing needs.

Rittal power

IT cooling

No hot spots allowed

The growing amount of data and data processing poses a major challenge to data center operators. Energy demand is also increasing, and this is accompanied by an increase in dissipation. This needs to be addressed: cooling will play a key role in the IT infrastructure. Companies can therefore save time and a lot of money by choosing the most suitable cooling solution to the specific requirements.

Rittal IT cooling

IT monitoring

Flexible monitoring inside and outside the data center

Rittal’s flexible monitoring solution is perfectly scalable to the size of the application. With the smart solution, you can build surveillance that fits every process in your company without interruption. This way, all critical deviations can be identified immediately and the necessary maintenance tasks can be performed on time.

Rittal monitoring

IT security

Continuous availability

The continuous, reliable availability of a company’s IT system is vital to doing business. A mistake in IT involves significant expense and can cause severe reputational loss. Therefore, protecting IT infrastructure is truly vital. Effective IT protection provides excellent protection against both physical and cyber threats.

Rittal security

Why Rittal’s VX IT is the fastest rack of the world?

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